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Buddha Jayanti

Buddha Jayanti is the Buddha’s birthday. It falls in the month of May. In the occasion of Buddha Jayanti people gather in Gompas and conduct communal puja and chanting prays of ‘Mani’ and ‘Bajra Guru’ and offering ‘Chog’. It is the belief that, the Dharma, offerings, and deeds done during Buddha Jayanti has multiplier credit and diminishes sin and bad deeds.


Literally, ‘Lo’ means year and ‘Sar’ means ‘New’, hence it is ‘New Year’ of Dolpa Pa People. During this festive occasion, realties invite each other and celebrate it. People enjoy and get fun with dancing, singing, playing games. People also visit Gompas (monasteries) and get the blessing from senior lamas.


Shey festival is one of the most important festivals not only for Upper Dolpo people but also for all the Buddhist people around the world. Shey festival is held in every twelve years in the month of August in Dolpo region during the ‘Dragon year’ of Tibetan Calendar. It is a grand celebration for including Upper Dolpo people and all Tibetan Buddhist followers. In this festival, people make Kora (circumambulating /walking around) the holiest Crystal Mountain. Many devotees and pilgrimages from different places and countries come here to participate in the festival. The festival is going for nearly 5 to 6 days with many different programs.



Tse Tar is another ritual of Upper Dolpo and Buddhist people that help in time of great misfortune. A yak or other domestic animals is set free or release free in the name of God. When Yak dies it is cut up and given a sky burial.